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Thank you!

We appreciate you taking the time to go through our profile. We’ve always wanted to have a child and are very happy with this moment of life. We hope after having read this, you’ll know a bit more about us and our family to be.

Currently, everyone in both our families are  very excited we’re looking to expand our family through adoption, sending their best wishes and positive thoughts.

Luiz by Alejandro

Luiz loves to socialize and interact with people. He is outgoing and always ready to help others, as he is very curious of his surroundings.

A CrossFit lover and enthusiastic community participant. He loves spending time outside tracking, playing sports (he loves snorkeling!) or exploring nature and last, but not least having a relaxing picnic under the shadow of a lazy tree.

Luiz is the family planner, great considering everyone’s tastes and preferences. He usually has great ideas of where to go and what to do. His head is always some steps ahead of everybody else.

Alejandro by Luiz

Alejandro is very caring and introspective. On a typical day in the house, you will easily find him reading a book or watching a video on YouTube on the couch. He loves non-fiction and technical reading.

He is a passionate Industrial Engineer with Masters Degree in Plant Management. Alejandro wakes up happily every morning to work as a scheduler in a factory in a small town nearby.

A passionate runner and other sports as a hobby, he enjoys days on the outdoors, having a day trip to the park or the beach. Enjoying a good time and meal with his family and friends is in his top of mind activities.

Alejandro is very easy going and a good person to talk to. He enjoys a wide array of subjects, such as culture and business.

Our Family

As a gay couple, We have developed our own traditions We love to receive people over to sit around the table to enjoy a good meal accompanied by a good conversation. We also enjoy the outdoors in every season of the year! We usually celebrate important dates and accomplishments going out in activities.

We both come form a diverse, multi ethnic family.   This puts both of us in a very unique situation regarding traditions, as they are formed and influenced by all these different origins. Our families are all very excited we’re looking to expand our family through adoption, sending their best wishes and positive thoughts.

Our Home and Neighbourhood

We live in a beautiful high-rise building with a gorgeous view of downtown. On Victoria Day, we enjoy the fireworks from a privileged view from our balcony. The Family Room and the Balcony are the places we enjoy most of our time.

Our neighbourhood is full of community life, green spaces and lots of fun. We enjoy going out for dinner at local restaurants, grocery shopping or going to CrossFit to get our daily dose or exercise. On weekends, we go for walks in the neighbourhood, enjoying the fresh air in the park, skating rink, or trail.

Values & Beliefs

We value mutual respect in an environment where we appreciate similarities, celebrate differences and lift each other to their best. At home, everybody feels safe and welcome.

We enjoy experiencing life together, facing the challenges that come our way and living a happy life, valuing the daily moments we live as a family, as well as the big accomplishments and life milestones.

We would also like to have an ongoing relationship with you if you’re comfortable. Your child will always know who the birth parents are and keep a healthy relationship with you. As Alejandro’s mother is an adoptee, we believe that having an open relationship with you will be the best for all.

End Note

We’d like to thank you very much for taking the time to go through our profile. It was a great pleasure to share a little bit of our lives with you. We wish you and your child all the best and hope that whatever family you choose will be loving and caring, providing a nurturing forever home for them. We’ll be happy to meet with you should you like to know more about us.

Luiz & Alejandro


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