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Adoption O.N.E. Private Adoption Agency

Welcome to Adoption O.N.E. We are a private adoption agency in North Eastern Ontario, hence O.N.E. (Ontario North East). We strive to offer confidential and personalized adoption services to both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Adoption O.N.E. provides personalized education and facilitation services about adoption in general and open adoption in particular. We endeavor to use our BEST EFFORTS to provide you with the best services possible.

Adoption O.N.E. facilitates and co-ordinates adoptions throughout Ontario. Justin Ellery has been licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services since 1991 to place children for adoption.

I did not give you the gift of life
– life gave me the gift of you.

– excerpt Jaime M. Frodyma


A very exciting week for ADOPTION O.N.E.
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We are only in our early stages, and already the events multiply. This week counted several exciting visibility moments. After a long weekend, we are presented in the local newspaper for our participation to the weekly Downtown Timmins Urban Park. Then, an invitation from Radio-Canada for an interview with Caroline Bourdua in the broadcast Le…

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Message to All Adopted Children
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Once upon a time, there were two women That had never met. One, you do not remember, The other you call ‘Mommy’ Two different lives That mold into one, yours. One was your lucky star, The other your sun. The first gave you life, The second taught you how to live. The first created in…

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