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A very exciting week for ADOPTION O.N.E.

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We are only in our early stages, and already the events multiply. This week counted several exciting visibility moments.

After a long weekend, we are presented in the local newspaper for our participation to the weekly Downtown Timmins Urban Park.

Urban Park add in Timmins Daily Press and Facebook - Aug 4th, 2015

Then, an invitation from Radio-Canada for an interview with Caroline Bourdua in the broadcast Le matin du Nord at CBON.   It was a great start to the day on Wednesday morning ,  August 5th, 2015.   Here is the link to the audio: Matin du Nord – CBON August 5th, 2015

That same day, our signs* were installed at 135 Algonguin Blvd East in Timmins.   Keep an eye open as you pass by!!

Side Signage 1 Door signage 1 closeup


And on Friday we were at the Downtown Timmins Urban Park. The sun and the summer heat were on par!  Join us again Wednesday August 12th, we always appreciate a little chat!

*with assistance of Entrepreneurs Francophones PLUS EFP logo

Message to All Adopted Children

150 150 adoptiononedev

Once upon a time, there were two women
That had never met.
One, you do not remember,
The other you call ‘Mommy’

Two different lives
That mold into one, yours.
One was your lucky star,
The other your sun.

The first gave you life,
The second taught you how to live.
The first created in you the need for love,
The second was there to fulfill your need.

One gave you roots,
The other offered you a name.
The first passed on to you her gifts,
The second gave you a purpose.

One created in you the emotion,
The other one calmed your fears.
One received your first smile,
The other one dried your tears.

One offered you in adoption,
It is all she could do for you.
The other asked for having a child,
And God led her to you.

And now when by crying
You ask me the eternal question,
Natural inheritance or education,
Of who am I the fruit?
Neither of the one nor of the other my child,
Simply of two different forms different of LOVE.

Jean-Vital de Monléon – from “Naître là-bas, Grandir ici”